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2021-12-16 15:00:05文/薛雨彤




Hello,everyone!I want to make friends with you.How about you?First,let me introduce myself to you:

I have two names.One of them is my Chinese name,the other is my English name.My Chinese name is Liu Yang.My English name is Helen.I'm twelve years old.I have a big round face,two big bright black eyes,a small nose,two small ears and a small mouth.I was born on April 19 th,1998.I am a lovely girl.My dream is to become a great writer.

My favourite subject is English.My hobbies are reading books and studying English.My favourite colours are purple and white.My favourite foods are ice-cream,beef and chocolate.I like plants,because they can make our world become beautiful.

This is me.Do you like me?Do you want to make friends with me?Write to me,please.



Good morning,everyone. Thank you for taking your time. It’s really my honor to have this opportunity to take part in this interview. Now,I would like to introduce myself briefly.


My name is Doris. I am 23 years old and born in Qingdao. I graduated from Hebei University of Science and Technology. My major is English. And I got my bachelor degree after my graduation. I also studied Audit in Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology.


I am a lively and cheerful little girl, my academic performance is excellent, among the best in the class, I act as the monitor, I have a strong sense of responsibility, and actively help the teacher to manage the class.


Recently, I also participated in the campaign of the brigade Committee of the University and was employed as the propaganda committee member of the brigade. In my daily life, I am really a sunshine youth.



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